The Event Satellite Promoter Can Be Customized For You.

Each Event Satellite Promoter is customized to meet the needs of the Administrator. Creating constant brand awareness with your logo or icon on the desktop of each person receiving content.

Studies show that repetitive contact creates sales! ESP provides the medium to contact a potential customer repetitively, at the customers convenience. A win - win situation, your customer receives valuable content, your brand is displayed prominently on their desktop.

The Event Satellite Promoter is customized so your Logo is prominent even when a receiver isn't accessing content. A familiar sign, or logo becomes comfortable, add creative and useful content and you have the ideal marketing tool. You are now associated with value!

The ESP receiver is customized with links to your website or e-mail. Content may also be linked to specific sections of your website, allowing the consumer to access additional resources, view a catalog, make a purchase or contact you.

When appropriate, an advertising pane may be added to your receiver. Advertisers can sponsor your receiver effectively reducing the cost of providing quality content.


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