The Event Satellite Promoter's
 Desktop Receiver.

 Event Satellite Promoter content is displayed in a customized single pane
 or  multi-pane desktop receiver. The desktop receiver is small and compact
yet easy to view. The receiver's average size is below 1000 kb, uses
very little bandwidth or CPU resources. This thin client architecture makes
the ESP receiver an unobtrusive way to distribute content.

Multi-Pane, scrollable receiver
with advertising pane. (Scaled Picture)

Multi-Pane, scrollable receiver.
w/o Advertising Pane (Scaled Picture)

The ESP receiver accesses the internet for a very short period each time
it is ran. The content will continue to be displayed offline until the receiver
 is closed. The ESP receiver may be refreshed, which will update the
content in real time. Minimizing the receiver allows you to perform other
tasks even while content is being refreshed.

Each Event Satellite Promoter desktop receiver is customized for a
specific administrator. There is a one time fee for customizing the receiver.
The receiver is then yours to distribute freely.


Without Ad Pane

With Ad Pane

Single Pane Auto
Horizontal Scroll



Single Pane Static
Vertical Scroll



Multi-Pane Static
Vertical Scroll



Shaped Transparent Receivers such as the one seen on the Screen Shots page of this site will be bid based on custom art work. Both receivers pictured above are Multi-Pane Static Vertical Scrollers

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