What Is ESP?

The Event Satellite Promoter is an information distribution system allowing a single administrator to disseminate information to a large (unlimited) audience, at the convenience of the audience.

The Event Satellite Promoter serves content to desktop "receivers" that have been customized to Administrator specifications. 


The content is supplied on-demand to the Administrators target audience.

The information served by the Event Satellite is controlled by the Administrator. You may target the information to a specific controlled audience, or provide information to whom ever is interested in receiving content.


The Event Satellite receiver is branded to the administrator.

ESP uses a thin client architecture (small size, low bandwidth and CPU demand) which increases placement of your brand on targeted desktops. Each receiver is branded with the Administrators logo, and linked to the Administrators website, and or e-mail. The Administrators logo may also be used as the desktop icon, delivering consistent brand awareness. For more information about branding visit Desktop Client and Customization.


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